Pet Play Date! (Borrow A Dog!)

When fears around pets transferring the disease were finally squashed by health experts, a friend’s offer to “loan us” his dog was something I finally took him up on. My kids were thrilled. His dog is a gentle 13-year old granny who was very sweet house guest. But let’s back up for a second: for the last two months, we’ve…   …read more.

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Lockdown: Imposition or Opportunity?

COVID-19 just “got real” in the rest of the world, but we are sitting over here in China as the spring unfolds, bringing with it the warmth of an imminent unfurling of our lives. It’s been 7+ weeks of lockdown and “intense” seems like a mild word for the experience. Many of you are feeling that fear and panic right…   …read more.


10 Tips to Surviving the COVID-19 Crazy: From Beijing

1. Obsess About Numbers: Watch the stats every day and analyze how some charts and different from others, how most governments are controlling the numbers, and how freedom of information is a joke. Hyperventilate a little when certain benchmarks are exceeded, like the newly surpassed 100,000 global cases of this virus. Have several websites bookmarked so that you can compare…   …read more.


Corona Update #3 from Beijing

“Far from such din, when blessed silence returns, I can listen to the butterflies that flutter inside my head. To hear them, one must be calm and pay close attention, for their wingbeats are barely audible. Loud breathing is enough to drown them out. This is astonishing: my hearing does not improve, yet I hear them better and better. I…   …read more.


Corona Update #2 from Beijing

Last night, I felt like I had been infected… …by the panic. I started to sweat. I started to wonder what chaos is on its way and what it’s going to look like. The virus is coming for us. There’s a wave about to fold over Beijing and we will be trapped here under it, suffocating. How do I get…   …read more.


Corona Update from Beijing

Jan 31st, 2020 I have received so many worried messages from friends that I thought perhaps a proper blog was in order. I’ll give you a glimpse of my life here in Beijing especially now that the Corona Virus (capital letters intentional) has taken over as the omnipotent leader to whom all must bow… Okay, there it is. My opinion…   …read more.


Home For Christmas

I’m sitting alone at a table in a nearly deserted restaurant in a mall on Christmas Eve Day watching my kids play in a play area designed for toddlers. They’re innovating the toys and being too loud, but there’s almost no one here and I’m just watching them with an absence much like misty nostalgia, which is really just a…   …read more.

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Stuart Knight Podcast Live

After returning from Canada and several great shows in my home country, including the Mundial Conference and an afternoon unique live performance (both music and interview) with Stuart Knight in Toronto, I am happily home in Beijing. But recently, a podcast I recorded with (the same) Stuart Knight this past summer, 2019, has now gone live on their site. It…   …read more.

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Final Thought: Nov Update 2019

*This piece was also published in the Nov 2019 issue of Beijing Kids Magazine* ~ “Mommy, why don’t you take videos of us?” This is my son, skateboard tucked up under one arm in our compound’s courtyard, a look of curious judgment on his nearly-six-year-old face. His helmet is askew. His knees and elbows are bulging with protector pads, wispy…   …read more.

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Final Thought: June/July Update 2019

This post is the continuation of my recent June & July 2019 Newsletter’s Final Thought:   FINAL THOUGHT (Con’t) Since I last wrote to you all, lots has happened. Personally, that is. In retrospect, maybe that’s part of my disappearance from your inboxes; it’s not that I didn’t want to share what I was up to, professionally, but sometimes the…   …read more.

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