New Video Release: “Broken Thing”

The new website design features a screen shot from this video, conceived of and created by Gabriel Beaudoin, the amazing Québecois guitarist (and human) I work with here in China. This was Gabriel’s first video project and — holy crap! He really went to work on learning special effects, which included the complicated insertion of slowed down (and later reversed)…   …read more.

New Video Release: “I Don’t Love You”

What better day to launch a new video with that title than Valentine’s Day? Not that I’m a hater of love… but this song is about the delusions of love, especially by those who just don’t hear you when you say… Here’s what my first reviewer had to say about it:   Please help me share this around if you…   …read more.

Party Legends Theme Song 515e

I’ve done a lot of interesting jobs throughout this period of coronavirus lockdown. Thanks to my home studio, lots of audio work continues to come in and one of these interesting jobs is what you can hear in the video above. I recorded this in February, during the most intense period of the virus lockdown here in China. Basically, I…   …read more.

Corona Update from Beijing

Jan 31st, 2020 I have received so many worried messages from friends that I thought perhaps a proper blog was in order. I’ll give you a glimpse of my life here in Beijing especially now that the Corona Virus (capital letters intentional) has taken over as the omnipotent leader to whom all must bow… Okay, there it is. My opinion…   …read more.

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