Ember Swift is a Canadian original artist, musician, songwriter and performer. Based in Beijing since 2008, she has toured extensively throughout North America, Australia, Europe and Asia and continues to produce and release music through her own independent label, Few’ll Ignite Sound Inc., a company based simultaneously in Toronto (Canada) and Beijing (China). Since 1996, she has released 13 albums of her own eclectic blend of original pop music that consistently pays tribute to jazz, folk and rock among other styles.

子玉,加拿大艺人,原创音乐人,词曲作者。她2008年进驻北京,巡演遍及北美、澳大利 亚、欧洲和亚洲等地. 子玉仍继续通过她自己的独立厂牌—燃音文化传播有限公司(Few’ll Ignite Sound Inc.)—创作和发 布音乐作品,该公司同时设在加拿大多伦多和中国北京。自1996年以来,国子玉已经发 布了13张融合了各种原创流行音乐的个人专辑,不断地向爵士乐、民谣和摇滚等 风格的音乐致


The latest album “Mid-March Meltdown” (2021) is Ember Swift’s most melodically memorable collection yet. It’s comprised of 13 songs filled with hooks and grooves that’ll have you humming the choruses long after the songs have ended. With her band of top-caliber musicians assembled in Beijing, the high energy, muscular musicianship and sheer diversity of her material make it the kind of album you listen to until the final track. Produced, in part, by fellow Canadians Gabriel Beaudoin and Tim Abraham, this latest collection was released on March 27th, 2021. For more information, visit: www.emberswift.com.

国子玉的最新专辑《Mid-March Meltdown》 (2021) 是迄今为止最令人难忘的专辑。专辑 里包含13首歌曲,每首歌都充满节奏感和记忆点,能让你在歌曲结束很久之后的都还会 哼唱副歌。她的乐队由顶级的音乐人组成,他们聚集在北京,他们的音乐充满活力与力 量,与子玉多元化的音乐内容相结合,使这张专辑能吸引你一直听到最后一首歌。这张专 辑的部分歌曲是由加拿大音乐人盖博(Gabriel Beaudoin)和Tim Abraham制作完成的,专辑 2021年3月27日正式发行了。更多资讯,请关注网站www.emberswift.com.


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