Pre-Production, Demystified

How does an artist build a body of work in the pre-production stage? It’s the end of the Chinese New Year holidays and people keep asking me what I’ve been up to during my time off. My standard answer is the truth: I’ve been focused on the pre-production stage of my new album project. My non-musician friends often follow that…   …read more.

Gramme’s Gift For You

ORDER NOW MORE INFO   It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my Mom’s first full-length original album. March 29th, 2022 is her 77th birthday. Catherine Eizabeth Swift is truly an example of the adage: “It’s never too late to do what you love!” Below is the formal press release written by Montreal-based music reviewer, Gerry…   …read more.

Mid-March Meltdown Overview

The album has been out now, formally, since March 27th, 2021. I am so proud of this baby. The collection of songs, many of which were co-written with Gabriel Beaudoin (my guitarist and musical soulmate) are among the best songs of my career. The title of this album suggests the pandemic. The thing is, it was named in late 2018…   …read more.

Album #13 Update

My new album, originally slotted for release in March, has now been delayed and hopefully will be released this fall. The delay is not just related to the pandemic, but sometimes even pandemics have silver linings. Our original mix engineer here in China was unable to complete the job. That was the first delay, which led us to the great…   …read more.

Sneak Peek #1: Be My Home

  FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD DONATE TO THE ART-MAKING This was the first song that began the upcoming collection of tunes that will comprise my 13th album release. I was challenged to write a pop song, which (to me) means memorable melodies and singable choruses. Good pop music is hard to write–seriously! From there, I wrote a whole album’s worth of…   …read more.

Sticks & Stones: Press Release Jan, 2017

So, it turns out that the new album needed more time. It’s now officially a 2017 release. That’s okay. I’ve been saying that it’s taken me 5 years to release a new album, but now, as per the calendar change, I’ll have to conceded that it’s officially…… 5 years and 3 months… (can’t say 6 years! lol!)   The last…   …read more.

Whiteboard Video Drawing – New Album 2016

  This summer, I had the chance to work with Pat Klaasen of They helped me put together the promotional video above. Basically, it’s an overview of my career and an “I’m back” type of video, specifically letting people know about my new album (2016) but also reminding people that there’s a long story that precedes this album release….   …read more.

Ember Swift’s New Album 2016

I am so happy to report that we are in the final stages of the new album for 2016! It’s a full album with three themes: Songs For Adults / Songs For Kids / Songs For Adults w/ Kids. There will be 16 songs, only 2 of which are re-makes of older material that I couldn’t resist re-recording to capture…   …read more.

Catherine Swift’s Children’s Album

When my mom retired in her late fifties from teaching, she got straight to work doing the creative things she had been longing to do for several decades. She’s a poet and a singer and a songwriter–three things I relate to intimately–and was always so amazingly supportive of my career, in part because she had put hers aside to pursue…   …read more.

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