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It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my Mom’s first full-length original album. March 29th, 2022 is her 77th birthday. Catherine Eizabeth Swift is truly an example of the adage: “It’s never too late to do what you love!” Below is the formal press release written by Montreal-based music reviewer, Gerry Lipnowski:

Canadian grandmother and retired teacher releases her debut album at 77

Six years in the recording, and a lifetime in the making, Catherine Swift, at a youthful 77, has released her first album.

The album of original songs for kids, “Gramme’s Gift for You; Songs from My Heart,” presents 11 delightfully catchy tunes that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of little ones everywhere. They include lullabies, activity songs and some just clever singalongs for the sheer fun of it, as well as the occasional kind of life lesson you might expect from a retired teacher who spent decades using music as an important tool to educate kids, not just entertain them. But these songs are entertaining indeed, and clearly the key word here when listening to the album is “fun.”

Coming from a musical family, she had in earlier days sung with big bands and jazz ensembles, and written and performed her original songs for her students during her long career teaching primary school. Starting with an initial set of several songs that were inspired by and created for her grandchildren, they were the catalyst for encouraging Catherine to finally and formally record her debut record. Produced and greatly abetted by the youngest of her two daughters, well known Canadian indie stalwart Ember Swift, Catherine’s sweet and strong soprano voice leads the way on this collaborative effort. With Ember having been based in Beijing, China for over a decade now, it was during several summertime visits (further complicated by the pandemic) back in Canada that they were able to find themselves in the studio to record the album. The result is a charming romp through the heart-warming links to Catherine Swift’s own family, but with universal appeal for anyone’s young children.

Catherine’s “Gramme’s Gift for You” is available through Ember’s independent label Few’ll Ignite Sound.

Click here for more detailed information about Catherine Swift’s life and story as a songwriter and creator!


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