Euro Tour Poster

Euro Tour Begins… with Baggage Woes

When I got into the taxi yesterday for the airport with a big suitcase and one guitar case and my carry-on bag, I was heading to the airport to fly to Europe FOR THE FIRST TIME. Yes, I have never been to Europe, for gigs or pleasure. All those years of constant touring and not a single airplane ever routed…   …read more.


New Album Release Concert

I am very excited that this record is finally finished. Five years of songs — and you’d think there’s be more knowing my rate of writing in the past, but I blame children for there only being 16 tracks…  I will be releasing this collection in Beijing, first. Then, throughout 2017, I’ll continue to have release performances in various places,…   …read more.


It’s official: I have an MFA

This arrived in the mail yesterday. I had just come through the door after several hours at my local “office” (aka: a nearby cafe) doing some paid writing work. Nearly 3-year-old Pazzy was tugging on my sleeve to play “train tracks” with him but my jacket wasn’t even off yet. My boots were only half unlaced. My mother-in-law was there,…   …read more.


Grounded in Toronto: AGAIN

It is not surprising that the Chinese bureaucracy is confusing. Even Chinese people express this, acknowledging that paperwork issues are enough to “grow your head,” (让你头大了) which is the literal translation of an expression used to convey the feeling of your head about to explode. Two years ago, when my son was a newborn and we were returning to China…   …read more.


Outdoor Gamers: Beijing Style

Our apartment complex just experienced a minor face-lift. A new courtyard recreation area was built this past fall equipped with a covered “game-playing” zone for adults, an essential to all residential blocks. Yet, each time I bring my son outdoors to play, the tables are empty. That’s because around the corner, nestled up next to a stack of recyclable cardboard,…   …read more.


Dandelion Early Education Centre

Every Tuesday for the past year, I have thrown my guitar on my back and ridden my bike to Dandelion Education Center to teach a music-for-tots class. Even though my one-year commitment is coming to a close, I really want people to know about this little center. It’s amazing. Designed for children aged 3 and under, it’s a great destination…   …read more.


Little Girl Glasses

At first, she was inching herself closer and closer to the computer if there was a video playing. Constantly making her move her body back “to protect her eyes” made me wonder. Then we noticed she would sometimes strain and cross one of her eyes to see something in the distance. It was time to get her vision checked out….   …read more.


Toddler Houdini at Bedtime

Several months ago, I was alone for the week with only my son because my husband and his mom took our daughter on a vacation to Sanya (三亚, Southern Chinese paradise). The resulting restfulness I felt–having only one child at home–was significant. I found myself able to get more work done and found a rhythm with my toddler (he had…   …read more.


The Memoir Project

Last December, I posted the above picture on Facebook and announced that I was done my memoir. Three and a half years of working on the beast–a huge project that was connected to my Masters degree in (MFA in Creative Writing) from The City University of Hong Kong–and I had a first draft ready by December 15th, much to my…   …read more.

Co-opalooza Silohette poster

Performing at CO-OPalooza: Aug 27th, 2016!

I am really excited to announce that I will be taking part in this event called “CO-OPALOOZA” as my final performance in Canada before returning to Beijing, China this summer. And what a great event to be part of! This is the first CO-OPALOOZA picnic, open to the public and located at the Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum site near…   …read more.

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