Water is the Cure-All

Water is the Cure-All and I am jaded smooth, jaded smoothly like a stone washed eastern shore. Water is the Cure-All. Cannot be so different, be so different from you. Cannot be the same, what is real is showing through. Like a worn out piece of cloth, worn smooth on skin like stone, this is a jaded sense of self…   …read more.

Cheap Drunk

I’m a cheap drunk – Give me one and I’m flyin.’ A cheap drunk, give me two and I’m tryin’ you on for size. Please do not criticize; I only slobber when I am not so sober! Give me one beer and I’m sure to be cheery. Give me two beers and I’m happy, really. Give me three beers and…   …read more.

Make the Mood Light

She thinks that she is overweight, so today she under-ate. All this self-chastising is paralyzing her. She had a huge headache half-way through the day at work, so she took a smoke break with a masochistic smirk, sayin’, “I think it’s gonna work this time. I think I’m gonna make it. I’ve separated flesh & mind.” She is a comic,…   …read more.

Own It

I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of dis traction. Feel my bones, dey’re a little mal-aligned. Out of line. I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough of DISTRACTION! I wanna feel my eyes firmly on the road – It cuts down my accident ratio. You’ve gotta keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands to yourself because you buy what…   …read more.


She bites her bottom lip to keep her thoughts contained. She thinks that if her tongue should slip she’d have to fight the stain. The skin is like an ancient sponge that sucks in pain like ink. New love won’t wash, scrub raw, flesh loose. You cannot love the stain away with use. Discoloured, or maybe coloured new? Well, who’s…   …read more.

Some Things Are…

Some things are beautiful and pure, so you leave them in their homes with their Mothers or Fathers. Some things are beautiful and sweet, so you remember their flavour. Some things are beautiful to hear, so you say them to your lover. Some things are unimaginable, so you defy the word: NEVER.Some things are beautiful and pure, so you leave…   …read more.

Not Another

I was sitting in a sanctuary of self-removal. I was caught up in a canopy of your approval. I was wondering at the empty heart that felt so heavy but, was so light when it was full. Then I picked up a paper, turned on the news, woke from my nap of self-abuse. This is Not Another heartbreak song –…   …read more.


I am a believer of lies. Sometimes truth and lies get intertwined. You are a deceiver of eyes and those eyes were mine. You said, “please forgive me this time for I’ve committed such a blinding crime.” I said, “it had to happen, it’s fine.” I was omitting all of the other times. How could you take me? People take…   …read more.


Flashbacks of consequence seem worth the blissful eloquence of moments passed between us, gusts of fog that blur the distance. At this instance all is now; In a moment, all will be then. Ask when I’ll close the door on “if,” stiff shoulders brace it open for gusts of fog that blur the distance. At this instance all is now;…   …read more.

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