The Army Song

People who round up armies are afraid of facing forward and fighting on their own; they’re afraid to stand-alone. People who round up armies think that quantity in numbers will confirm what they really wonder is the right stance. Well, perhaps. But, unless they’re really sure, sometimes the more people that they pile onto a platform the more likely it…   …read more.


Ride a bike and learn to kick cabs in your steel-toed boots and always cherish the scabs when you fall hard and it’s dirty dark and you’re forever scarred by a stark reality, a compassion-free urban community. The majority is the majority no matter where you are (no matter where you live most) (no matter where you go) and a…   …read more.


Don’t you wish that you could just bail out sometimes? Just keep on going way, way, way past your subway lines? Take the wind from the streetcars and let it blow you up until you are so high, so high you don’t know where the hell you are? Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t know what I’m doing here. There’s…   …read more.

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