Swooshi, Swooshi

Swooshi, swooshi goes the razor in and outa the water. Swooshi, Swooshi goes the razor in the, in the, in the wada in the wada. I am slowly shaving my legs, making highways through the snowy soap. Like a plow, I’m making my way towards silky beauty, slippery- skinned me. Youch! I knicked my knee….Bleeding, bleeding, what’s more pretty, a…   …read more.


Glue dies when it dries, it lives if the lid is shut and glue makes a nice scene if it dries stuck. But, with your glued eyes shut, it makes a gloomy scene. Everything once stuck has its glue pried from inbetween, pried from inbetween. With your eyelids glued shut, you choose to lose the glues that bind.  And, with…   …read more.

I Don't Be Thinkin' So

“Excuse me, coming through” he said as if we would all part like the Dead Sea, as if his voice would be heard by the herd, as if we were all sheep. But, no one is my shepherd. No voice is my command and no, my soul is not for keeps. Not after all those years of thinkin’ I might…   …read more.

There, In Me

She held my hand between hers and searched my eyes for understanding. She told me how things were to take me back to what it was to be in before. Like a film on her mind, she tried to play it for me, she tried to rewind. She speaks the dialogue of the past and it echos now in her…   …read more.


I saw her. I was sitting in a tavern front window and I wished I could pass between the glass. She wore a lime-green-faux-fur hipcoat and tight red pants and I saw her walking there, head down against the crowd of noon-time laughter, eyes bright, alert to sounds of footfall, faster, around her. But my stare, my stare stopped her…   …read more.

Little Girl

There used to be a clown in my room as a child. He used to wear a sad, sad sort of frown but, you could make him smile just by flipping him upside-down. And then, you’d set him straight again. You’d say, “he was made to be that way.” You’d set him right-side-up as if smiling were wrong. Here is…   …read more.


I say, “I’m done, I’m gone, gonna move on, pack up, I’m outta here” but, then I stay. I think, “maybe I should fly. It would be a better view, a different angle on what to do with these problems around us, confound us, compound around us all, come pound on my skull.” We pretend that we have no problems….   …read more.

Solution in Aggression

I wouldn’t come to me for some kind of sanity of clarity, cause I do not have your brand of sanity or clarity and I do not share my clarity. I wouldn’t come, I wouldn’t come to me for any kind of sanity. I like to feel capably mean with this guitar shielding me, half-way inbetween reality and what I…   …read more.

Awkward Lover

Oh I am not easy to understand. And, it is not easy to take my hand and lead me down those lines you speak, as if my intuition were so weak. You are acting like an Awkward Lover. You’re stumbling, you’re fumbling, you are off-centre. You are acting like an Awkward Lover. What is so hard to understand about me?…   …read more.

Fatty, Fatty

Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four couldn’t get through the bathroom door, so he peed all over the floor, Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “I just cannot take this anymore. I’m gonna piss all over your floor,” Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. …Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “This is not a human-sized door because — LOOK– I am a human so this is my…   …read more.

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