Get Outta My Head

I walked straight out of your eyes and slid down your nose and I suppose that was when I realized that I had climbed too far but, I am like a cat: When forced to jump in the face of defeat, I always land on my feet. You saw the reflection of my Exit, the cold shadow on your face….   …read more.

Stop Fighting You

I’m sitting here alone in solitude and thought and he is sucking up my air. This over-substanced young man, he is waiting for me to catch his eye, harassing me with his stare and I’m caught in the dusk. My image of peace is laughing, laughing, laughing in my face. It seems so strange to fear one’s own freedom, either…   …read more.

Own It

I’ve had enough of dis…traction. Feel my bones, dey’re a little malaligned (!) Out of Line, I’ve had enough of DISTRACTION. I wanna feel my eyes firmly on the road. It cuts down my accident ratio. You gotta keep your eyes on the road, keep your hands to yourself because you buy you break and then you Own It. And…   …read more.

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