how come I’ve never heard of you?
are you the lead singer?
why’d they name the band after you?
is this your first tour?
do you have a record out?
how long you been together?
is this your first time here?
do you actually live anywhere?
is that your real name?
sounds like a stage name to me!
where are you off to next?
where did you come from? where did you go?
can I buy you a drink?
how come I’ve never heard you on the radio?
do you have a manager?
do you play any covers?
when’s your next local gig?
who’s your drummer?
did you really boink the bride? did you really?
what’s your bass player’s name again?
what’s that stick thing she’s playing?
do you ever do weddings?
where are you staying?
don’t you wanna be famous, a star, a millionaire?
don’t you want your music to get out there?
why don’t you have a video?
hey, did you change your hair?
have you heard of Ani Difranco?
you have 8 different albums, where have I been?
what are you driving?
where’s your tour bus, where’s your driver,
where’s your limousine?
– underground, independent, word of mouth takes time
– yes and I write songs, I play guitar and occasionally I rhyme!
– the band grew off solo roots and beginnings, the name works, it suits
– we’ve been travelling many years,
– we have 8 different offerings
– it depends on the player it’s always growing
– not likely our first time here, but it must be your first sighting
– yes, we live in Toronto – at least we do when we touch down!
– yes it is, it’s on the birth certificate, yes I’ll prove it, here’s my wallet!
– from down the road the next town, from up the road the last city
– no thanks, I do not drink on the road
– well, that’s due in part to the media monopoly!
– we are self-managed and a little bit gritty
– no often, I’m not so good at other people’s work
– within the year we hope
– it depends on the tour – they swap
– yes I’m a proud queer! whad’ya know!
– that there, the wizard there, that there is Lyndell
– it’s an electric violin, yes you can call it a fiddle
– we are not really a wedding band (let me repeat that!) we are not really a wedding band!
– where are we staying? wouldn’t you like to know!
– as if they’re all synonymous, I don’t think so and no. I think ears will hear this music and it can happen with feet firmly on the ground
– video has never been a priority, I’d rather tour and experiment with live sound
– yes I did, do you like it?
– well hasn’t everyone? the more artists who are activists the better!
– under a rock? out of the loop? I’m just kidding, you are here now and that’s all that matters
– a big maroon van and it suits us and it works and
– you are listening to the drivers
– limos are for lounge lizards and we are scuffed up road warriors, we need lots of gear space and big snow tires!

Elle Est La


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