“Water is part of our global heritage. It is a common resource, not a private property. Every little thing depends on the respectful guardianship of this essential resource. Global water consumption is doubling every twenty years more than twice the rate of human population growth. According to the U.N. , more than one billion people on earth already lack access to fresh drinking water.”
water is the cure-all
and I am jaded smooth
water, water, water, water
water is the cure-all
water is the cure-all
tell that to the powers that be
and I am jaded oh so smoothly
like a stone thrown through city hall windows
“In Australia, the highest user of water per capita in the world, it is this over-consumption coupled with land clearing at a rate higher than any other developed nation that has resulted in their silent salinity disaster. But water issues are affecting every country. It is becoming the next currency. Water bankruptcy is looming. Fortune magazine predicted that water will be to the twenty-first century what oil was to the twentieth. Scarcity and greed, powering privatization and free trade agreements like NAFTA, the FTAA or the WTO are being signed by our governments and they’re signing away our public water rights. Just a handful of transnational corporations backed by the world bank taking over, profiting, treating water like any other market good. These days, even Monsanto is in the water business.”
water is the cure-all
sanitize our water, prioritize our water, please never privatize our water
water is the cure-all
sanitize, economize, prioritize but never privatize, please never privatize
but no one’s going to do this for us
there will be no Mama Earth maid
who comes in to vacuum the floors of our forests
there will be no Mama Earth maid
who comes in to make up the beds of our rivers
cuz they’re already dry and you’ll be asking why?
I said:
Stop bulldozing the forests
Stop bulldozing the forests…
“High density planting of trees is critical. Staying aware of free trade agreements and what they’re doing to our public water rights, protesting corporate takeover and privatization is also critical. But conservation? That’s the most critical of all. Water is part of our global heritage. It is a common resource – not a private property.”

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