Lost In Nanaimo

Lost In Nanaimo! This is the city that Engineers enter to demonstrate just how not to build a city centre This is the city used as a symbol of haste. At least, that’s what Eugene said! (straight-faced) I did not believe him right away. I said: “I am from Toronto, I’ve seen urban planning, urban decay.” I did not believe…   …read more.

Corporate Daddy

Hello Corporate Daddy, I have a confession: This is not my chosen profession. Hello Corporate Daddy, I must report a collision: You have collided with my morality, my sanity, my Artistic Vision. Most importantly, my Artistic Vision Lynched by economic obligation, we are trapped into jobs that suck motivation. I work this job to leave this job. I work to…   …read more.

Corporate Daddy Intro


I am interested in the drag of rhyme and the pull of a vowel, not what one person’s rules allow or disallow about what I can do and how I can say it and whether or not I’m disloyal if I play it. Take your boundaries from my behaviour. These border lines are bitter in flavour. Savour all of your…   …read more.


You say you will not come to the show unless your name’s on the guest list. You say you’ll be a ‘no show’ unless there’s V.I.P status. Well, it’s only $5 at the door to get in and you won’t move your face from that tiring grin, you say you are “working” tonight. Well, who’s on this stage entertaining who?…   …read more.

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