You say you will not come to the show unless your name’s on the guest list. You say you’ll be a ‘no show’ unless there’s V.I.P status. Well, it’s only $5 at the door to get in and you won’t move your face from that tiring grin, you say you are “working” tonight. Well, who’s on this stage entertaining who? It’s me on this stage while you sit there comfortably grinning at my rage like it was funny. I catch you scanning the whole of me. You’re scanning short skirt, steel toes, skin showing sometimes. But, this is my body, it’s all mind. This MY body. Go ahead, keep you eyes on this prize as if you’re ever going to win. With your stupid grin, you’re lighting expensive cigars, lifting your gin while I LIVE my guitar. Well, it seems that 5$ comes and goes in theory. Too bad you judge me unworthy of your limp bills, your sweaty thrills. I earn far more from the songs that you misunderstand. You want to use niche like a leash to tame me. Like you’d ever work with me. Like you’d ever work FOR me. Isn’t that funny? Isn’t that funny? Isn’t that so very funny. You say there’s no room for business and song. You say there’s an either/or well, I say there’s no room for you in this room because the sign says 5$ at the door and you would not pay.
Ember Swift – vocals, acoustic guitar
Lyndell Montgomery – bass, backing vocals
Cheryl Reid – drums, backing vocals
Virgina West – backing vocals

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  11:11 – 2011 A Folktronica Collection – Lentic – 2009 The Dirty Pulse – 2006 Disarming – 2004 Stiltwalking – 2002 Snapshots – 2000 The Wage is the Stage – 2000 Permanent Marker – 1999 Can’t Corner Me – 1998 Insectinside – 1997 Ember Swift – 1996

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