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This past fall, we started production on the new series of songs that will form my 13th release. By “we” I mean my team of musicians in Beijing with whom I am so grateful to have a working relationship. Also, I had some guest players for the first session, and I hope I have a chance to work with them again! Together, we recorded five tunes. The next sessions will take place this spring for the final 6 songs in the chute.

My 13th album will be a collection of pop songs. I’ve never written a pop album before. Why not? It’s one of the most challenging genres. The particular mix of arrangement, melody, licks, lyrics, phrasing and general approach needed to make a song become an “ear worm” (or I prefer the term: “aneu-rhythm”! Haha!) is a riddle that deserves a lifetime of focus. That’s what I’ve been doing all these years as an avid student of songwriting. “Pop” doesn’t have to mean “vapid” or “bubblegum.” A good pop song is just a GOOD SONG. Paul Simon wrote them. The Beatles wrote them. Joni Mitchell wrote them. Queen wrote them.

~Watch me try to list myself among such great songwriters!~

[*insert necessary humility in here, with a healthy douse of confidence and pride for this new material.]


Three of these songs were assembled for a “sneak peek” release and mixed by the amazing Greg Lassalle of G-Lab music. Greg was based in Asia until the end of January 2019 and is a good friend of my guitarist and musical partner Gabriel Beaudoin. Greg was only able to help us with a quick mix of these tunes in their “nearly done” stage, but his talented ears proves he can yank groove out of speakers with the just the twist of some knobs. These mixes made us really excited. I can’t wait to complete this album! We are so grateful to have had the chance to work with you, Greg. Thanks so much.

The first sneak peek available is “Be My Home.” Check it out here! More to come!

~ es

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Sneak Peek #1: Be My Home

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