4th Euro Tour Complete!


My 4th European Tour has just come to an end and I’m writing this quick review from Prague just a day before we fly back to Beijing, China–our adopted home. I say “we” because I’ve been lucky enough to travel once again with the amazing Gabriel Beaudoin on guitar with whom to share stages and long walks in these many amazing cities en route.

 Pic by Theo Loojimans(Pic by Theo Loojimans, Gemert, NL)

After four tours in Europe, these are the things I know:

The train wifi will kick into high(speed) gear when we cross back into the Netherlands (compared to Belgium or Germany); breakfasts will always include delicious cheese slices and real butter; people smile at you just to be friendly and often say hello when you walk by them on the streets of small towns; gluten free goodies are easily on offer and cause me to overeat; canals flowing under quaint, arched cobblestone bridges under our feet may be a pain for the wheels on the gear we haul around, but they make up for it in stunning pictures that seem taken from centuries past; German audiences are very polite and quiet; Switzerland is full of kindness we haven’t really earned and items with price tags we can’t really afford; Prague is full of characters and dancing at shows is standard practice–the place was hoppin’…. !!

And so much more.

Pic by Peter Frost, UK(Pic by Peter North, London UK)

Some off-stage highlights include a walking day tour of Paris from a mutual dear friend, Fabrice, who has returned to his home city but whom we met in Beijing originally. Only one day was slotted for “la ville d’amour” with no concert scheduled, and so we enjoyed the full day with Fabrice and I felt re-introduced to this city from the amazing perspective of a true local. Je t-adore, Paris! Même plus qu’avant!


Another off-stage highlight was our 21km hike in the Swiss Alps after the Bern show. We may have been frequently out of breath from walking up those mountains (or parts of them–too big to conquer!), but that breathlessness was not just from exercise! Check out this selfie!


There’s so much more to write, but only a few more hours in Prague to enjoy and so I will end this here.

Thank you everyone for our amazing experience in Europe once again. You’ve given us a lot of great memories and many more hopes to return to Europe for 2020.



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