Preggers: It's Official

I just found out that I’m  pregnant today. I knew it. I was aware of a shifting in my body from about the first day after ovulation until now. Not that I was exactly sure of my ovulation date, however, but I do remember the shifting feeling like uncomfortable travellers in hard-backed, bus station, poured-plastic chairs when they have to…   …read more.

Week 6 (or is it "Weak 6"?)

I was tired before, but not like now. It keeps easing up in intensity to the point where I actually feel a draining of energy in my bones, the likes of which I have never felt before. The other day, I spotted a stone step outside a closed shop and I wanted to spread out my jacket and curl up…   …read more.


It’s the feeling sick without the vomiting that is starting to kill me. I mean, a few waves a day in the first few weeks were just fine. In fact, they’ve been here since the first week after conception. Each of those waves just came and went away. But, this, on the other hand, this sort of hovering on the…   …read more.

Pregger Brain

So, I’m 7 weeks and 4 days preggers right now. The fact that I can figure that out is amazing to me, considering that yesterday I was completely convinced that today was Friday and even baked a pie to take to the lunch party I’ve been invited to. Now the lemon meringue pie is patiently waiting in the fridge for…   …read more.


Okay, so now I’m officially 8 weeks pregnant and I was reading my faithful “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” and in the ‘What You May Be Feeling’ section, I discovered that if I were to take a “How-Pregnant-ARE-You?” test, I’d get a serious A+.  These are the things in the list that I am experiencing: Fatigue and sleepiness A…   …read more.

Dill Pickles

I have spent another day of doing nothing and being extremely under motivated. It’s just me here in the house with my 9-week old belly and a fuzzy head full of what I once thought were important things to do and no energy to do them. I consider it a victory when I can accomplish one business-related task in a…   …read more.

Truth and Normalcy

It’s coming up on 10 weeks and I’ve started to get used to this bump on my belly. It’s here and it’s not going anywhere. Not for another thirty weeks at least! It’s been an interesting week, actually. I’ve been alone all week as my partner has been away on business. It’s given me time and space to just *be*…   …read more.

Dill Pickles: The Cliché Continues

Okay, so yesterday, I went to a different foreign store and found these gems, at which point I gleefully cradled the huge jar in my arms downstairs to the cash register and plopped down about the equivalent of $8 to purchase these suckers (!). And I relish the thought of eating them — har har har! In fact, I have…   …read more.

Un-Feminist Roar

Alright, I’m about to write a pile of anti-feminist crap. Beware. Its coming! Put on your deflective armour because you may just need some defensive tactics… I always envisioned myself becoming a beautiful pregnant woman. I mean, the kind that I would see on the streets that glowed. These women all just looked like they had sprouted a belly independent…   …read more.

Hospital Hysterics

I have to tell you about my experiences today checking out hospitals here in Beijing. We chose two to check out: Mary’s Hospital for Women and Infants (near Liufang Subway station) and Amcare Women’s & Children’sHospital (near Lido hotel). The latter is right next to where we live, so it’s super convenient. We went to Mary’s first and were greeted…   …read more.

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