Birth Plans: Beijing

Since last Sunday, I haven’t written and there has been so much that has happened! First of all, I’m so grateful for my extended family here (my partner’s parents) for not putting pressure on me regarding hospitals. They all gave me a couple of days to just let my thoughts simmer after my breakdown in the second hospital. Last Tuesday,…   …read more.

Public Announcement: "Coming Out"

So, I’m finally announcing the news publicly today. That means that I can stop blogging like an anonymous person and start referring more openly to the rest of my life. Some of you are just checking out this blog for the first time and these are the first words you’re reading. For those of you who have already been following…   …read more.


It’s Saturday of a big week. Lots has happened this week. The moon merged into my Cancerian star sign. My sister turned 40. I had two live shows. There was more rain on Thursday in Beijing than there has been in (what some say to be) 30 years. Flooding throughout many other parts of China. My dear friend Jackie arrived…   …read more.


Dear Little Spark, I didn’t feel sick today. Thanks for giving your Mom a break. I’ll understand if it’s temporary, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Happy swimming. Love, Mom.

Sick, Sick, Sick

My dear friend Jackie was visiting here for two weeks and I haven’t been blogging as much as a result. She just left this morning and I realize that I have so much to share! I’ve crossed into my 14th week and I’m officially 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My bump is growing and visible. Fisherman’s pants and flowing…   …read more.

Musical Movement

It was Saturday night. Guo Jian wanted to go and catch one of his friend’s band playing at a local venue. I have heard their recording and wasn’t thrilled with it, musically, but I realized that I’ve been seriously anti-social at night and decided to go with him. The problem isn’t that I don’t want to socialize; it’s that I’m…   …read more.

2nd Check-Up

On Sunday, we went to the hospital for check-up #2. Once again, we got there in the morning and I was impressed by the greeting that ushered us to the correct counter, explained that we would only need to flash our “Mary’s card” each time we came and it would be this easy from here on in. They swiped the…   …read more.


So, I’ve been in Canada now for about a week. It’s been so lovely to be here surrounded by my family and friends and to have people notice my little baby bump with a warm smile and a cooing lilt to their voices. It’s week 16 and I am starting to feel better, at least better (less nauseous) compared to…   …read more.

Bewilderingly Beautiful

My time in Canada is coming to a close. I have spent the last ten days being nausea-free and feeling like a human being again. In that time, I have attended a beautiful wedding reception in Rhode Island (dipped into the US!), had an incredibly magical gig with two songwriters I love and admire in Toronto, and learned that an…   …read more.


There’s been something I’ve been meaning to talk about for the past two months or so but keep forgetting to mention: MY FEET. Yes, my feet are so strange now that I’m pregnant. In fact, I’m not sure whose feet these are. Let’s just call them “pregger feet.” The first thing I noticed about my feet was their temperature. I…   …read more.

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