"11:11": Part 11: The Final Chapter

So, TAH DAH!!! Today is the day that I can finally talk about the new record. And it’s up on iTunes!! ENGLISH LINK ~ CHINESE LINK Also available in its physical form on My Website and through CD Baby,  I really hope you’ll check it out and make it part of your collection! Now, I’ll step back into my storytelling/MC…   …read more.

"Lentic": Part 10

  Lentic, 2009 So, as some of you already know, China truly changed my life. When I arrived in China in the spring of 2007, I had this distinct feeling like I had been here before. The land and its vibration felt familiar, perhaps like a past life memory. Even though I had studied the language before, the more I…   …read more.

"The Dirty Pulse": Part 9

The Dirty Pulse, 2006 So, at this point in the chronology, Lyndell and I had bought and moved into a home in rural Eastern Ontario in July of 2004, in the wee hamlet named Dalkeith. It was our dream home and we both fell in love with it immediately. On nearly an acre of property, it had beautiful garden plots…   …read more.

"Witness: Live in Australia 2005" (DVD): Part 8

Witness, Live in Australia 2005 Now, when counting my releases, I usually separate out the DVD since it’s so different from an audio recording. In this blog series, however, I decided to write about it separately. Since I combined the stories of “The Wage Is The Stage” and “Snapshots” (2000), I’m giving the DVD “Witness: Live in Australia, 2005” its…   …read more.

"Disarming": Part 7

Okay, I’ve been writing these blogs for days now and even I’m getting bored! Are you? I hope not! You see, there are just too many albums! What’s more, there’s too much to say about each record. The torrent of memories that comes up for me while I’m listening to them makes each blog posting far too long. I swear,…   …read more.

"Stiltwalking": Part 6

Stiltwalking, 2002 So, you may have noticed that I was releasing an album per year from 1996 until the year 2000. In fact, when you count the two simultaneous releases in 2000, I released exactly 6 different products (with barcodes) in four and a half years. What, was I on speed or something? Or, was I just cursed with this…   …read more.

"The Wage Is The Stage" & "Snapshots": Part 5

The Wage Is The Stage, 2000 At this point in the story, all other part-time jobs were no longer in the picture and music was my full-time career. That meant that we were spending more time on the road than we were in Toronto and working like maniacs. I mean, no one said that being a full-time musician is anything…   …read more.

"Permanent Marker": Part 4

Permanent Marker, 1999 We started working on this project in the spring of 1999 and, by this time, Lyndell and I had been working with Cheryl Reid since the fall of 1998. I remember that I was living in a basement apartment in the Toronto neighbourhood called Parkdale. I had moved into it in the fall of 1998 after having…   …read more.

"Can't Corner Me": Part 3

Welcome to the 11-part Blog Series serving as a “literary drumroll” to the official release of 11:11, my newest musical creation. This is day #3 and there are 8 more albums to talk about after this one! Each album embodies a period in my career that has come and gone and includes audio snapshots of what was happening in my life…   …read more.

"InsectInside": Part 2

Welcome to the 11-part Blog Series serving as a “literary drumroll” to the official release of 11:11, my newest musical creation. Each day from Nov 1st-Nov 11th, I will be chronicling the previous albums, the journey of their arrival, and the stories behind the recording experiences and release parties. In most cases, I was also able to reach the original engineers…   …read more.

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