Picking Favourites


I was recently asked to recommend some tracks to people who had never heard my music before. They said, “Maybe 2-3 songs from each album?” So, in less than ten minutes, I was able to go in and create this playlist on Spotify.

It kind of shocked me how quickly I knew which songs I wanted to introduce to this friend (and to any of you reading this blog). I always claim to love all my songs equally, the same way a mother loves her kids. But, if we’re being honest here, there are always favourites for certain reasons and in certain contexts!

These songs are ones that I still go back to sometimes and listen to. They are the ones that often got no attention but still make me happy.

Years ago, Joni Mitchell (a great muse and artist I dearly respect), released two albums: “Hits” & “Misses.” Under pressure to release a “Best of” album, this was her solution–to release two albums at the same time.  The latter, “Misses,” is my favourite. When interviewed about it, she said she knew that the “Hits” album was what most people would purchase, but she felt certain that the ones on the “Misses” album were more her favourites and needed some revisiting.

About this playlist, I feel the same. It is ordered chronologically so you can literally listen to me mature as a songwriter, guitarist and a vocalist.


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