New Album Release Concert


I am very excited that this record is finally finished. Five years of songs — and you’d think there’s be more knowing my rate of writing in the past, but I blame children for there only being 16 tracks…  🙂

I will be releasing this collection in Beijing, first. Then, throughout 2017, I’ll continue to have release performances in various places, slowly and in as relaxed a manner as I can. Why? Because that’s how I do things now.

This is a collection of “Songs For Adults” (8 songs),  “Songs for Kids” (5 songs), and “Songs for Adults with Kids” (3 songs). It’s a three-part project all collected into one CD or download USB card that will be available for sale on January 13th for the first time. I will also put these items up on my website for sale by old-fashioned Paypal and post, or through online downloads.


Thanks for all your support!



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