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Newsletter Final Thought: December 2011

I honestly don’t have much to say this month. As you all know, I’m about to pop a human here and I’m conserving my energy! LOL!

I’m 37 weeks pregnant and the baby could come anytime. When the labour begins, when there’s still a few moments in between contractions to breathe and think straight, I’m thinking of announcing it through my FACEBOOK PAGE (please “friend” me if you haven’t already!) and I really hope that you’ll join me in a candle ceremony from afar. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s my idea:

Choose a candle that represents your ability to send energy and strength to someone. When you hear the news that I have announced the beginning of labour, please light that candle and keep it lit until I announce the birth (and my dear friend is going to help me with that, because I figure I’ll be too exhausted to post afterwards!). Every time you walk by the candle or glance at it, send me some energy and solidarity and strength as I go through the most important initiation of my life–my entrance into Motherhood.

I hope you’ll join me in this process. If nothing else, I’ll imagine that some of you will so that I don’t feel so lonely and isolated all the way over here in China!

Little Spark is on his/her way! I can’t wait to meet this creature inside of me. I have no doubt that he or she will be a person who will teach me plenty.

Have a wonderful holiday season with your families. I wish you great food and moving music, wonderful conversations, a few electric and quiet times, and many moments of heart holding. The world is so incredible that we simply have to stop sometimes, put our hands over our hearts, and breathe it all into our cellular memories.

Don’t you agree?

Take very good care of all you love.


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