Happiness Ball

I dreamed of a man unfamiliar to me. He was the destination of a line of musicians and we were moving very slowly. When it was my turn, his eyes narrowed and his throat burned as he yelled at me for my stylistic immaturity. “What is this,” I thought. “Do I have to take this? Should I let me nerves grow taught and would a smile even break this?” In my dream, I yelled back and he smirked at my need to fight. I woke up feeling embarrassed and flat because I had proved him right. Defensiveness had been my style. Worrying has been my way. All of my characters lined up single file, all of me on display. Why am I so separated? “Get you style together,” he said. Be proud. Be Elated!Oh, I can smile longer than you can glare. I can smile wider than you can stare! because this is the power of positive: there’s a Happiness Ball on my antenna. You will not influence the way I live and I will say this as a mantra! You will not influence the way I live!
Ember Swift – vocals, acoustic guitar
Lyndell Montgomery – violin
Cheryl Reid – drums

(Freestylin') Porpoise


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