Fatty, Fatty

Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four couldn’t get through the bathroom door, so he peed all over the floor, Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “I just cannot take this anymore. I’m gonna piss all over your floor,” Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. …Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “This is not a human-sized door because — LOOK– I am a human so this is my war,” Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four…..said Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four: “I am proud to live in a country that isn’t poor. I’m gonna eat well, live well, walk through whichever the hell door that I choose to or else, I will PISS ON YOUR FLOOR!” Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four… was oh so very brave because…Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said: “My name is John.”
Ember Swift – vocals, hand percussion
Lyndell Montgomery – violin, backing vocals
Cheryl Reid – drums, backing vocals

My Personal Anthem
There, in Me


  11:11 – 2011 A Folktronica Collection – Lentic – 2009 The Dirty Pulse – 2006 Disarming – 2004 Stiltwalking – 2002 Snapshots – 2000 The Wage is the Stage – 2000 Permanent Marker – 1999 Can’t Corner Me – 1998 Insectinside – 1997 Ember Swift – 1996

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