all that I want for you, my lovely, is all that you want for me too all that I want for you, my lovely, is that you will walk through the world feeling happy, feeling happy, feeling happier than you are I want to walk right into you I want to see you smile I want to re-design this gloomy…   …read more.


I’ve learned to press pause with every departure fast forward, resume to the next yearly juncture but it’s okay now this life has made me much more selective I like those who crave to engage strip-down, who don’t fuss with protective real conversations, with real eyeballs, no smoke screens I like sobriety, I like philosophy I like those who aspire…   …read more.

Tapped & Wired

this generation has great big wide eyes to see and we will keep them open this generation understands voting circuitry we know you’ll soon be up for re-election this is natural selection we’re going to call in the inspections I say the honest get hired and the liars get fired every country’s oval office should be tapped and wired a…   …read more.

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