Swooshi, Swooshi

Swooshi, swooshi goes the razor in and outa the water. Swooshi, Swooshi goes the razor in the, in the, in the wada in the wada. I am slowly shaving my legs, making highways through the snowy soap. Like a plow, I’m making my way towards silky beauty, slippery- skinned me. Youch! I knicked my knee….Bleeding, bleeding, what’s more pretty, a pussy scab or a hairy knee? Well, I don’t know, I still avoid the stare from those shaven women whose eyes get lost in other women’s leg hair. You should hear what they say about women who don’t shave! They say: Look at that Amazon! Look at that Granola! I’ll be she doesn’t even shower! (and the best) How does she expect to catch a man that way? Heee heee heee — HA! ….. Now, I’m freshly soft and shaven, slippery, silky, sexy me. I am proud to be a woman so I take a razor blade to myself regularly, regularly…(or not!)…in the wada, in the wada.

Slipping To My Knees


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