Party Legends Theme Song 515e

I’ve done a lot of interesting jobs throughout this period of coronavirus lockdown. Thanks to my home studio, lots of audio work continues to come in and one of these interesting jobs is what you can hear in the video above. I recorded this in February, during the most intense period of the virus lockdown here in China.

Basically, I was hired to sing the female vocals for the new theme songs of a Mobile Legends game. I’d never heard of it before this. Turns out it’s pretty popular. The produced track—yes, that’s my voice despite the disguise of audio effects!—was posted to YouTube on April 21st. At the time of this writing, just two weeks later, it already has over 7.5 million hits.

Who knew?

I’m happy to say that this has definitely increased traffic to videos of my own music. Nice bonus. I guess I’d better check out this video game sometime…

“Game on, Party on!”  🙂

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