New Bump Announcement

Final Thought, Aug 2013


So, the tour is over and I’m poised to return to Beijing next week.

I will look a lot different coming back than when I left. My belly has grown significantly and I am sporting a new bump.

Yes, the big news is that I am 4.5 months pregnant and expecting baby #2 in December of this year! That was the big news that I alluded to in my last “Final Thought” but it took me quite some time to actually announce it formally.

You see, my sister was due to have her baby in mid June and he ended up arriving on June 30th. My new nephew was a little late, but he’s gorgeous and perfect and we’re all very excited by his arrival. I was anxious about announcing my news too early because I wanted my sister to have the spotlight in the family. I didn’t want to steal her thunder, so-to-speak.

As we all waited for her new little one to arrive, I began to quietly announce my news on stages throughout the summer journey and I’m happy to tell you that no one spoiled my surprise. Thanks for keeping your “congrats” off of Facebook until the official announcement showed up there!

Now, the new bump (whom we’ve been nicknaming “Distortion” in the spirit of Echo’s name also being a guitar effect!) is growing very well and is extremely noticeable now, getting rounder and fuller every day.

And, I feel great. I’m actually enjoying this pregnancy. While it’s never that much fun to watch your skin stretch and your ass spill out into territories you weren’t expecting, this particular protrusion is gently arriving, giving mommy a chance to breathe into it while I savour the changes that cooking a new life bring.

In other words, I’m really happy about it, especially because I can’t wait to see Echo have a sibling. She will be such an amazing big sister.

From one good place to another, I wish you all well as we cruise the crest of August and then slide into autumn.

Take care of your loves, and that includes yourselves.


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