Memoir Update


I’m in “stage 2” edits with my memoir project that will be published through Oghma Creative Media. A lot of people have been asking me when the book will actually be available.

Well, thanks to the recent ‘pause button’ that the coronavirus pressed in all our worlds, I’ve had the chance to focus on this editing stage in a very compressed way. I’m happy to say that, after six weeks of intense work, (which exacerbated the wearing off of the letter images on my laptop’s keyboard—see pic above), I feel like I can actually see the end of the tunnel. I’m still inside that tunnel, but a full structural re-working has resulted in a story that reads way better than before, I’m certain of that. The light’s up ahead, so-to-speak. The end is near!

I’ll definitely let everyone know when the book becomes available. It’s been a labour of love, but yes, it takes time to get it right. Stay tuned!


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