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MamiMagazine I’ve been writing for Mami Magazine for 4 years now as they approached me to document my pregnancy with Echo and then hired me to continue to write a monthly post about parenting in a cross-cultural family. When I became pregnant with Paz, they asked me to resume my pregnancy columns as well. All in all, this has been a very peaceful working relationship.

It’s also the only magazine I write for that translates my writing from English into Chinese. As my language skills in Mandarin are not quite at the fully literate state in which I feel comfortable writing prose and columns in my second language (that will take a few more years of study), this has been an excellent means of sharing my work with my spouse and Chinese family, not to mention double checking translations and upgrading my language skills. A few times, I’ve had to clarify with the magazine as they almost mistranslated my work before publication! That’s when I get a hit of pride at how far my Chinese language skills have come. It’s nice to notice when they’ve got it wrong rather than me, for a change!

Soon, I will upload some of my favourite columns here, in their Chinese form.


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