Goldilocks went out to the woods to find some flowers one day. Goldilocks got lost in the woods and couldn’t find her way. She found a cottage painted blue with nobody inside. Whatever was she going to do? She knocked on the door, went inside and saw three bowls of porridge. The first bowl was too hot, the second bowl too cold, the third bowl – it tasted just right! So she ate it all up, she ate it all up, and went upstairs for the night. She first bed was too hard, the second bed too soft, the third bed – it felt just right! So, she fell fast asleep, she fell fast asleep and didn’t hear the bears come home that night. “Boom, Boom! Who’s been eating my porridge?” Boom, Boom! “Who’s been eating my porridge?” And, baby bear just cried and cried: “someone’s been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!” So, they went upstairs to see what they could see. Boom, Boom! “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?” Boom Boom! Who’s been sleeping in my bed? And, baby bear just cried and cried: “someone’s been sleeping in my bed and there she is!” So, imagine her surprise when she opened up her eyes to see the three bears before her! Goldilocks was so scared she could not say a word but, the bears decided to help her find her way back home! So, off they went through the woods that day, baby bear and Goldilocks on their way. What a lucky, lucky girl she was that day to have found three friends to help her find her way back home to her Mommy and her Daddy that day. [Mom & Dad’s kid’s song ends, Ember’s punk song begins]

Goldilocks and the Three Bears – What is this story about? It’s supposed to teach kids not to “wander.” I say, teach them to scream and shout if there’s ever any hint of danger. Teach them what’s really out there in the suburbs, not a bunch of talking bears, but, rapists and child molesters and people who pretend that they care… Goldilocks had golden hair. What if she had gerry curls? Would the bears have been as nice if she weren’t a little blond white girl? Let the children speak. They will tell their own stories. Let the children speak. They don’t need fables or allegories. Let the children speak. Teach them to CRITIQUE. Let the children speak! Fairy Tales are fucked up. Fairy Tales will fuck you up!
Ember Swift – vocals, acoustic guitar
Lyndell Montgomery – violin
Cheryl Reid – drums

Happiness Ball
Goldilox Intro


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