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It hasn’t been easy to be in a cross-cultural relationship that is always operating in my non-native language, but rather than complain about it all the time (as I started to feel my blogs were doing), I’m proud to have captured the beauty of its beginnings in this song’s lyrics. The track has become one of my favourites on my new album. It’s a love story between two people whose fates crossed despite different language and culture. I suppose all love stories are beautiful; it’s just some are more unique than others.




she was a foreigner, he was a local
they met in a bar downtown
they learned that language Is not always vocal
here’s how it all went down

they laughed til their bellies ached, acted out meanings
sang all the melodies that fit with their feelings

they didn’t have a common phrase
had to find another way
to say the things they had to say
there was so much to say

but how could he convince her to stay with him there?
and how could she explain her history?
all they could do was stare at each other
silence on fire
love needs no dictionary

they danced many nights away, let the groove guide them
they liked how the other moved
and loitered in restaurants, the waiters all eyed them
as they tasted each other’s food

they didn’t have a common phrase…
but how could he convince her to stay with him there?…

she was a worrier, he was a dreamer
they met somewhere in between
she learned to hear her heart, she made his head clearer
just what the other needs

they didn’t have a common phrase…
but how could he convince her to stay with him there?…
love needs no dictionary

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The Philosophy

Before 1910, with the production of the first vinyl record, music was a live experience, not a physical product sold as a commodity. But then, everything changed. Music became something that could be bought and sold.

Over a century, fans who formerly were pure supporters of the artist whose visits to their towns brought them an experience of joy, slowly began to value the songs and the albums more so than the people who made them. To possess the object—the record, cassette, CD, mp3—was the main goal, not to support the making of that magic in the first place.

So, it makes sense that when music first became free via online downloads, most people didn’t think twice about downloading it; it had long ceased to be about the people who made the art. Free stuff is fun! We had become consumers of music, not patrons of its production.

But what is music really worth? To me, besides family, it’s worth more than anything else in the world. I would give up on almost everything else in my life before I would give up music. Music is magic. It’s priceless. Money is just money.

And as a fan, if I love an artist, I can’t assign a price either. Their songs are worth so much more to me than $0.99 or $1.29. Their songs are inside of me, rattling my spirit. Music keeps my cells awake.

So now you know what music is worth to me.

The question is, what’s it worth to *YOU*?