Free Single: Balloon



“The most substantial songs [on the album] are… innocently foreshadowed in the kiddy song “Balloon”, whose lesson is that it is all too easy to be careless and watch something joyful and treasured slip from your grasp, never to be recovered.” — Gerry Lipnowski, Montreal (early preview write-up)

Echo wrote this song, really. She lost her balloon and then asked me to sing a song about it. I improvised and this song was born. Together, we sang it for months before I brought it to the band. The rest is history.



there once was a balloon in a little girl’s hand
but she was not careful the balloon flew away
up high in the sky, up high, up high
she had to say goodbye to her balloon

there once was a balloon in a little boy’s hand
but he was not careful the balloon flew away
up high in the sky, up high, up high
he had to say goodbye to his balloon

if you want a balloon to hold in your hand
you’ve got to be careful it does not fly away
up high in the sky, up high, up high
or you’ll have to say goodbye to her balloon

oo-oo, uh-oh

Free Single: Sleep
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The Philosophy

Before 1910, with the production of the first vinyl record, music was a live experience, not a physical product sold as a commodity. But then, everything changed. Music became something that could be bought and sold.

Over a century, fans who formerly were pure supporters of the artist whose visits to their towns brought them an experience of joy, slowly began to value the songs and the albums more so than the people who made them. To possess the object—the record, cassette, CD, mp3—was the main goal, not to support the making of that magic in the first place.

So, it makes sense that when music first became free via online downloads, most people didn’t think twice about downloading it; it had long ceased to be about the people who made the art. Free stuff is fun! We had become consumers of music, not patrons of its production.

But what is music really worth? To me, besides family, it’s worth more than anything else in the world. I would give up on almost everything else in my life before I would give up music. Music is magic. It’s priceless. Money is just money.

And as a fan, if I love an artist, I can’t assign a price either. Their songs are worth so much more to me than $0.99 or $1.29. Their songs are inside of me, rattling my spirit. Music keeps my cells awake.

So now you know what music is worth to me.

The question is, what’s it worth to *YOU*?