I am interested in the drag of rhyme and the pull of a vowel, not what one person’s rules allow or disallow about what I can do and how I can say it and whether or not I’m disloyal if I play it. Take your boundaries from my behaviour. These border lines are bitter in flavour. Savour all of your good favour for the one who’ll let you regulate and grade her. Try to save me, go ahead! I’ll fail; I’ll slip from your grasp. Try to shame me, go ahead! I’ll flail and flip and gasp. ßThis is your image of me so, wrap it up and tie a bow! I will not be present in this offering. I cannot fit into this box as your everything. We were touching elbows and that was enough for me. I just wanted to kiss you often, watch your features soften. Reaching for the right angle, our arms just dangle. We’ve got to risk this extension, gamble away this tension We reach for each other and grasp the word lover, carry it closer, arms crossed to the chest. Death to the dishonest (to) protect the fondness we feel. Live the feeling, put the guilt to rest! What is an elbow anyway? It’s a joint that bends about half-way. Right here, right now, today I am extending just as far as I can (and) taking a really steady track of who I am. Honest is how I want you and open is how you’ll find me. But, I want your head to be ready for me! Take you boundaries from my behaviour. We were touching elbows and that was enough for me. That was enough.
Ember Swift – vocals, acoustic guitar
Lyndell Montgomery – bass, backing vocals
Cheryl Reid – drums, backing vocals
Virgina West – backing vocals

Corporate Daddy Intro


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