Dill Pickles: The Cliché Continues

Okay, so yesterday, I went to a different foreign store and found these gems, at which point I gleefully cradled the huge jar in my arms downstairs to the cash register and plopped down about the equivalent of $8 to purchase these suckers (!).

And I relish the thought of eating them — har har har! In fact, I have already sampled two of them and may have to create a special pickle fund to be able to continue this expensive habit. But, oh, how pleasant and 爽 it feels to taste them…. (shuang-3rd tone…the almighty “feel good” character in Chinese).  Picture the near orgasmic look on my face after tasting one of these. I might have to admit that pickles are more important to me than sex right now.

(Ah, pregnancy, you’re so silly sometimes!)

So, some news deserves its own post. That’s all I have to say. I have to go and eat more pickles now.


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