Mid-March Meltdown Overview

The album has been out now, formally, since March 27th, 2021. I am so proud of this baby. The collection of songs, many of which were co-written with Gabriel Beaudoin (my guitarist and musical soulmate) are among the best songs of my career. The title of this album suggests the pandemic. The thing is, it was named in late 2018…   …read more.

Press Album

11:11 Chinese Version 羡慕嫉妒恨 (admiration, jealousy, hate) 老外 (laowai/foreigner) 我深深爱上了你 (i’ve fallen in love with you) 黑色的寂静 (swallow black silence) 水 (wash water 来自空气 (out of air)*英文歌词 加油 (you can do it) 我想一想 (i wish i may) 甜蜜蜜 (oh so sweet) 时间停留在这儿 (i could stay here) Pēk Download the Chinese version English Version out of air (来自空气) blinding light (使人眩目的光)…   …read more.

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