Run to the Roundhouse Maggie

Show Up Outside


7 – Beat

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7 All good children go to heaven, those who swear do not go there and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.” These are the rules of solitaire. This is how we deal our own cards. We chose the hard way, we play alone, but we will never win. There will be no celebration. I pull my knees up to my face, my palms are placed…   …read more.


You say you will not come to the show unless your name’s on the guest list. You say you’ll be a ‘no show’ unless there’s V.I.P status. Well, it’s only $5 at the door to get in and you won’t move your face from that tiring grin, you say you are “working” tonight. Well, who’s on this stage entertaining who?…   …read more.


Do the ceilings always vibrate when you push the limits? Do you fix yourself to gimmicks, do you fix yourself up? Do you believe in a value that’s never been appraised? And do you shake like thunder in a sky that’s never hazy, ever clear? I know there are purposes for your fears. There are years of losses to make…   …read more.


The way it is these days, women shiver when they’re out of the streetlights’ pool of safety, no bus fare, had to work late that night. Can you imagine always being afraid? And the newspapers say, “now you can relax, the slime balls’ been caught and crime’s behind bars.” But it’s not. That’s so wrong. This sickness makes them famous…   …read more.


Life is so ridiculous, with the gift of life we don’t do much, You know that life is so Ridiculous.Your life is crazy, your life is busy-ness. You want to be “Agenda Man.” You’re spinning, spinning, causing such dizziness. You’re running, running as fast as you can. This kind of life will pull you under. You will be dead for…   …read more.

Priv – ledge

Recognize Privilege, but refrain from using it to gain an edge, or else you will be standing on some ledge someday, looking down, when you could be gaining ground. That’s what privilege means anyway; it’s a private ledge on the 47th floor, with your name plate on the office door. Yeah, I know you can work your way up. You…   …read more.

Mental Breakdown

I am a statue of solitude and you are a sales rep for romance. You are pushing, pushing, wondering when you will push through. You are standing on my doorstep as if I’d open up for you. No! I said go away, go home, don’t ask me anymore! I can’t think, I can’t think, I can’t think anymore. It’s just…   …read more.

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