Blinding Light

raise your hands up in the air, fall down on your knees, stay there in love and faith all is fair, who’s god will you please? they don’t really care no one knows the way but that’s not what they say they say “there’s only one way” there is no wrong, there is no right god is a blinding light…   …read more.



I Could Stay Here

I could stay here all of my life时间停留在这儿,我等它凝固

Oh So Sweet

Oh so sweet, your smile’s oh so sweet It’s like flowers blooming in spring breeze Blooming in spring breeze Where were we, oh where could we have been? Your familiar smile I know I’ve seen Oh where could it have been Oh, in my dreams In my dreams, in my dreams I’ve seen you Your sweet smile, your sweetness oh…   …read more.

I Wish I May

i wish i may, i wish i might have this wish I wish tonight then everything would be alright i wish i may i wish that you would soon appear then we could be together, dear our love would grow year after year i think it might, i think it might if everyone could have their wishes life would be…   …read more.

You Can Do It

English Translation (although no English version exists) chorus: you can do it, you can, can, can do it we have to, we have to, we have to go can’t breathe in this city, work is too stressed we should turn off our cell phones and take a rest how about we take a week’s vacation and go find a mountain…   …read more.

Out of Air

little anarchist alongside of the road with cigarette to find her long way home a ride she travels miles to give her body to a shadowland where love and truth and justice nearly died this girl knows where she is going, she’s no lady in despair you know your garbage can’s her toolbox, she makes music out of air you…   …read more.

Wash Water

save the water from the washing up, one can’t assume the ground can barter anymore tears for our wastefulness, she’ll dry up soon i live high above the ground now use the water to mop up the floor, so many dirty footprints of pride use the water to flush uselessness down, or at least aside i live high above the…   …read more.

I’ve Fallen In Love With You

people are talking, rumours are flying, and what they say may be true but let me tell my story, tell it in my way to you somebody told me not long ago that i’d fall in love with you and so it’s true, i’ve done what they said i’d do somebody mentioned you might care for me i hope it…   …read more.

Swallow Black Silence

swallow black silence, blind love, thirsty clothe all the violence in fall colours, all earthy chorus: but make it so i can’t see you fall yeah make it so i can’t see you fall i put you up on a pedestal, you were bound to fall down you know love is so beautiful, just like water before you drown (chorus)…   …read more.

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