Reinforced Concrete

rainy night in April busy intersection downtown a lone man in the middle of traffic was wandering in circles, crying out the traffic stalled and waited nobody went to help him broken record of his voice in the air nobody went to help the traffic inched around his jagged despair what have we done here? what have we not done?…   …read more.


je ne porte jamais mes souliers quand je suis dans la forêt je trouve que c’est la seule facon de s’équilibrer je ne porte jamais mes oreilles quand je suis dans la ville de bruits souillés je trouve que c’est la seule facon de s’écouter we’ve got to ease off and ease up feed the flames and cool the coals…   …read more.


i am awake now i cannot go back to sleep consciousness is stealth, on quiet feet it creeps once you let it in your house, you cannot get it to leave i am awake now i can hear it breathe the more I learn about food, the less I want to eat the more I learn about water, the less…   …read more.


“whatchado” and “whatchasay” don’t talk much “whatchado” won’t listen to “whatchasay” “whatchado” just walks around all puffed up and “whatchasay” just talks and talks all day and cnn is endless on the t.v. people here are numb to all the news even playing in the airport lobbies only the outsiders are confused better get ready for an intervention cuz we’ve…   …read more.


finally I’m thirteen it’s the year of valuable lessons i can baby-sit the neighbor’s kids so I can earn my way collect the paper bills inside the pages of my Nancy Drew books cuz they’re my most valued possessions yes, they’re my most prized possessions but that’s a secret finally I’m thirteen and I am fully grown this will be…   …read more.

Ten Pin

i go away, go away, oh-oh i go away, go away, oh-oh the gig was so bad i felt like a flight attendant giving a safety demonstration no one looked my way, no one came here to watch me play but that’s okay, it’s okay, it’s all the same: we focus on the destination, forget to be entertained by the…   …read more.

Impossible to Tell

if I squint and blur my eyes a little i can almost see you you’re like a swirling, verbal riddle and the answer shaves its edges well sandy with the travel smooth & rough at once and impossible to tell you are impossible, impossible, impossible you’re like those endless pattern prints sold in framing shops at the mall if you…   …read more.

Mental Breakdown

i am a statue of solitude and you are a sales rep for romance out on your rounds today, you pulled up with your attitude now you’re standing on my doorstep as if I should open up for you go on home before you drive me crazy go on home before you drive me crazy it’s just another mental breakdown…   …read more.


here is a town called Bliss first thing you’ll see are mobile homes perched on cinder blocks looking dusty and forlorn rusted tractors, three-legged mutts, peeling paint and jacked up trucks boarded up shops, vacant lots curtains and faces drawn how could we let it come to this? this silent scene of emptiness how could we let it come to…   …read more.

Some Fine Day

what have we really got to do today? let’s start by throwing that loud, loud, loud alarm clock away stretch into the wind, let time drizzle like the rain and tomorrow we’ll let our wake-up call be the sun, be the sun some day, some fine day we will all sing some day, some fine day we will all sing…   …read more.

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