silent northern lake slurps at the shore and the sky emerged from night like a drag queen bursting from dressing room door and the moss is soft like a corduroy cushion and the sweet summer air drinks us in late in the season my hair smells faint like campfire ash and the lake takes naked skin with splash and laughter…   …read more.


Instumental piece Arabic at ending translates to “war is evil”Instumental piece Arabic at ending translates to “war is evil”

Elle Est La

quand tu te réveilles le matin, quand to te réveilles l’après midi, même si tu te réveilles en soirée, tu ne peux pas te cacher non, non, parce qu’elle est lˆ elle est toujours là elle est là tu peux choisir de dormir mais le répit est temporaire quand tu te réveilles, c’est tellement claire c’est claire, elle est là…   …read more.


how come I’ve never heard of you? are you the lead singer? why’d they name the band after you? is this your first tour? do you have a record out? how long you been together? is this your first time here? do you actually live anywhere? is that your real name? sounds like a stage name to me! where are…   …read more.


“Water is part of our global heritage. It is a common resource, not a private property. Every little thing depends on the respectful guardianship of this essential resource. Global water consumption is doubling every twenty years more than twice the rate of human population growth. According to the U.N. , more than one billion people on earth already lack access…   …read more.

14 & Fiery

she is 14 and fiery wide-eyed and aware soulful delivery, cute dreadlocked hair and a voice that channels historical stages and songs that hang loose in the air she is contagious I want to protect her like a big sister there are bloodhounds and weasels they’re sniffing at her, they are evil they look for the well-formed but mouldable youth…   …read more.

All In the Family

they have high jacked the public airwaves we are the listeners and the viewers we are the slaves to the media monopoly they have bought up all the primetime property from under our very noses this presupposes intent, does it not? a silent, unreported takeover so no one can oppose it because no one is the wiser, no one is…   …read more.


we have tried to muzzle retribution with some cash over here some land over here, hoping it will see us through so that this generation, our generation, can keep on doing what white people have a tendency to do but we’re not just going to shed our skin, begin again, begin anew no, we haven’t outgrown our history yet here…   …read more.

Twist Twice

I want you to kiss me as if you’ve never kissed me before and I want your head to twist twice when I walk through that crowded room’s door and when you breathe I want every second breath to combine with mine and sometimes I wish the very moments of our discovery could rewind we’ve become so everyday familiar our…   …read more.


384 miles north of Boise, Idaho thinking this is just as good a place as any to call it quits the land is barren and brown, dead and desolate I could wander right into these hills and slip right into the Earth I’d be swallowed by scrub grass and dirt But you say: “you are not the only one who…   …read more.

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