My Personal Anthem

There are women all over the world who are afraid to grow old. There are multi-mational companies built firm upon this fear. At which point do we listen to what we are told? And, at which point do we ignore what we hear?! It takes so much energy to shrug off the media. It takes so much energy to diconnect…   …read more.

Fatty, Fatty

Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four couldn’t get through the bathroom door, so he peed all over the floor, Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “I just cannot take this anymore. I’m gonna piss all over your floor,” Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four. …Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four said “This is not a human-sized door because — LOOK– I am a human so this is my…   …read more.

There, in Me

She held my hand between hers and searched my eyes for understanding. She told me how things were to take me back to what it was to be in before. Like a film on her mind, she tried to play it for me, she tried to rewind. She speaks the dialogue of the past and it echos now in her…   …read more.

Mental Breakdown

I am a statue of solitude and you are a sales rep for romance. You are pushing, pushing, pushing wondering when you will push through. You are standing on my doorstep as if I’d open up for you. No! I said go away, go home, don’t ask me anymore! I can’t think, I can’t think, I can’t think anymore. It’s…   …read more.

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