Season slowly snowing Wrapping its arms around me rocking me soundly in this cold heat. Season slowly snowing Wrapping its arms around me rocking me, rocking me soundly in this cold heat. You’re not here, you’re not here, you’re not here You’re not here, you’re not here You’re not here, you’re not here Oh. Where are you, where are you?…   …read more.

Under The Whether

You’ve got me standing under the “whether or not” I am trying to understand your indecision It all depends on “whether or not” you can, you say on “whether or not” you will It all depends on whether on “whether or not” you stay But, you can never depend on the “whether” it is so unpredictable It is so unpredictable,…   …read more.

Strings Grate

na na na na na na no no no no no no Strings Grate, nerves vibrate and you are the one that I hate What are you looking at, don’t even think about it I would poison your peace of mind You’re not even close to being one of my kind I know you want me But you’re not ever…   …read more.


I am a symbol of malleability with the shape I’m in, I’d say that you can mold me I am a block of clay, why don’t you solidify yourself with me today? And we’ll be some ugly rock on someone’s t.v. top.. You and I and our fading world turn it up and down like a t.v. screen flesh colour…   …read more.


Don’t you wish that you could just bail out sometimes just keep on going way, way, way past your subway lines Take the wind from the streetcars and let it blow you up let it blow you up until you are so high, so high you don’t know where the hell you are Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t know…   …read more.

The Night

Sad, sad state Sad state of those black, night streets infected with eyes their gaze, trying to suck me into the alleyways. We try to stand out in safety but we need to fade to grey, get lost in the night in order to be safe in the night But, I still stand out tonight. Can’t believe such cold, dirt…   …read more.

Nothing Budges

Nothing, nothing budges Nothing ever really seems to budge Nothing budges unless it is coaxed And force so often freezes motion We’ve got to dangle the right sort of incentive Before the right sort of nose and Goddess knows that Sometimes you kick the ASS and it digs its hooves right back in the grass. Right back into the grass…   …read more.


Take a moment, Take a moment Take a moment by the hand, by the hand Dive out of yourself Look around at your waters. Learn to feed the whiteness of your sand On the bottom At the base At the source of that sad, sad, sad, sad expression on your face Because sometimes in this precious world The moments race…   …read more.

Show Up Outside

I am a sort of junkie, I am addicted to you. Start this song off with a little clichéd imagery Sure to catch a few. Sure to catch a few…well anyway You are in my viens and I can feel you climbing past the peaks and all the chiming church bells Pray to God that I will not fall face-flat…   …read more.

Slipping To My Knees

Somewhere between this bench and the tabletop I am staring down at my fraying jeans Threads that dangle, tangle intensity and there’s an absentee thought swirling outside of my brain. If it’s anything like an absentee landlord, I am slowly going insane And the plaster, plaster is coming with me But I can’t let myself go No because “let” is…   …read more.

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