Pre-Production, Demystified

How does an artist build a body of work in the pre-production stage? It’s the end of the Chinese New Year holidays and people keep asking me what I’ve been up to during my time off. My standard answer is the truth: I’ve been focused on the pre-production stage of my new album project. My non-musician friends often follow that…   …read more.

Dragon. Spirit. Tao.

Dear Ambassadors, This is the era for fand funding, or “crowd funding” as it’s often called, and many, MANY bands are doing what I did by asking their supporters to support their next projects. With sites like Kickstarter out there, and many other similar platforms, it’s become the new business model for the music industry. Well, I’m inspired by this…   …read more.

Dragon Year Greetings

Dear Ambassadors, This is my first Ambassador-only blog entry in your Ambassador-only section. In other words, like my “secret sharing” sections in the emails that I’ve sent to you (and only you) this year, this part of the website will feature writing that doesn’t show up anywhere else. These blogs will be more of the “insider report,” so-to-speak, on things…   …read more.

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