Live Online Concert in Beijing – April 24th, 2020


Corona Update #4 (Months!) from Beijing

It’s one week into May and I’m sitting here typing this in Beijing, on my quiet couch, marveling at how nearly half a year has sped by during a time of global freeze. Life as we knew it stopped more than four months ago, but “time waits for no man” (or virus). We always have time. Time is all we…   …read more.

Planet of The Humans: Jeff Gibbs & Michael Moore Film

In late April, a movie was released directed by Jeff Gibbs and produced by Michael Moore. It’s all about this topic of taking responsibility for our demise while simultaneously shirking it. A powerful film to say the least. It includes some footage of me playing with my (then) band at a festival called Solarfest in Vermont in 2005. Of course,…   …read more.

Album #13 Update

My new album, originally slotted for release in March, has now been delayed and hopefully will be released this fall. The delay is not just related to the pandemic, but sometimes even pandemics have silver linings. Our original mix engineer here in China was unable to complete the job. That was the first delay, which led us to the great…   …read more.

Memoir Update

I’m in “stage 2” edits with my memoir project that will be published through Oghma Creative Media. A lot of people have been asking me when the book will actually be available. Well, thanks to the recent ‘pause button’ that the coronavirus pressed in all our worlds, I’ve had the chance to focus on this editing stage in a very…   …read more.

Party Legends Theme Song 515e

I’ve done a lot of interesting jobs throughout this period of coronavirus lockdown. Thanks to my home studio, lots of audio work continues to come in and one of these interesting jobs is what you can hear in the video above. I recorded this in February, during the most intense period of the virus lockdown here in China. Basically, I…   …read more.

Pet Play Date! (Borrow A Dog!)

When fears around pets transferring the disease were finally squashed by health experts, a friend’s offer to “loan us” his dog was something I finally took him up on. My kids were thrilled. His dog is a gentle 13-year old granny who was very sweet house guest. But let’s back up for a second: for the last two months, we’ve…   …read more.

Lockdown: Imposition or Opportunity?

COVID-19 just “got real” in the rest of the world, but we are sitting over here in China as the spring unfolds, bringing with it the warmth of an imminent unfurling of our lives. It’s been 7+ weeks of lockdown and “intense” seems like a mild word for the experience. Many of you are feeling that fear and panic right…   …read more.

10 Tips to Surviving the COVID-19 Crazy: From Beijing

1. Obsess About Numbers: Watch the stats every day and analyze how some charts and different from others, how most governments are controlling the numbers, and how freedom of information is a joke. Hyperventilate a little when certain benchmarks are exceeded, like the newly surpassed 100,000 global cases of this virus. Have several websites bookmarked so that you can compare…   …read more.

Corona Update #3 from Beijing

“Far from such din, when blessed silence returns, I can listen to the butterflies that flutter inside my head. To hear them, one must be calm and pay close attention, for their wingbeats are barely audible. Loud breathing is enough to drown them out. This is astonishing: my hearing does not improve, yet I hear them better and better. I…   …read more.

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