Final Thought: Nov Update 2019

*This piece was also published in the Nov 2019 issue of Beijing Kids Magazine* ~ “Mommy, why don’t you take videos of us?” This is my son, skateboard tucked up under one arm in our compound’s courtyard, a look of curious judgment on his nearly-six-year-old face. His helmet is askew. His knees and elbows are bulging with protector pads, wispy…   …read more.

Outdoor Gamers: Beijing Style

Our apartment complex just experienced a minor face-lift. A new courtyard recreation area was built this past fall equipped with a covered “game-playing” zone for adults, an essential to all residential blocks. Yet, each time I bring my son outdoors to play, the tables are empty. That’s because around the corner, nestled up next to a stack of recyclable cardboard,…   …read more.

Dandelion Early Education Centre

Every Tuesday for the past year, I have thrown my guitar on my back and ridden my bike to Dandelion Education Center to teach a music-for-tots class. Even though my one-year commitment is coming to a close, I really want people to know about this little center. It’s amazing. Designed for children aged 3 and under, it’s a great destination…   …read more.

Little Girl Glasses

At first, she was inching herself closer and closer to the computer if there was a video playing. Constantly making her move her body back “to protect her eyes” made me wonder. Then we noticed she would sometimes strain and cross one of her eyes to see something in the distance. It was time to get her vision checked out….   …read more.

Kindergarten Bus

After six months of taking my daughter to the bus stop in the morning to go to kindergarten, the days when she cried and didn’t want to go are long over. Those first couple of week mommy cried too, sad to see her baby upset and conflicted as to whether sending a three-and-a-half year old alone on a bus to…   …read more.

Beijing Kids Magazine

From September of 2015 until June of 2016, I wrote weekly blogs for Beijing Kids Magazine’s online presence. These were separate from monthly column that I write for this magazine, links to some of which you can find here. Those articles are published in the physical magazine monthly whereas these blogs only appeared online. While I no longer blog of…   …read more.

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