Album Project : Support Needed

ALBUM PLANS: Support Needed!

I need your help to get this record finished.

As I mentioned in my newsletter, I am looking for support for my new album project. Here are some optional “bundles” or “packages” but, please keep in mind that they are OPTIONAL. You can mix and match. We can talk about it. If you already have what I’m offering, maybe you’d prefer something else. There’s a list of options below. Hopefully you can make sense of it:

* $20 =Advanced Copy of the Album (sent to your door)

* $50 = 2 Advanced Copies of the Album (sent to your door) + Your Name in the Liner Notes

* $100 = All of the above + the full collection of the remaining back catalogue, and digital versions of anything out of print (with the exception of the Limited Edition of LENTIC)

* $200 = All of the above + the LIMITED EDITION of LENTIC (there are only about 2 dozen copies left on our stock shelves!)

* $300 = All of the above + a SKYPE session with me (EMBER) during which I’ll play you a few of your requested tracks as a private online solo concert

* $500 = All of the above + 5 additional copies of the new record, a FULL solo concert (1 hour) in your HOME ~or~ via SKYPE (depending on where I am in the world)

* $1000 = All of the above + 10 additional copies of the new record, a DUO house concert in your HOME ~or~ via SKYPE (again, depending on geography), + your direct input on song order, photo selection, vetoing tracks and album design

* $1000+=All of the above + my undying love + the pleasure of becoming a veritable patron of the arts + a co-write in the future of either lyrics or music or concept, whatever your forte!

And those are just IDEAS!Got a better one? Do you already have the back catalogue? Only got $200 but would love to offer it in exchange for that solo house concert. I am amenable! I will strike deals! Got a creative option? Something you’ve always wondered about? Do you need some Chinese lessons? Do you want to read the first chapter of my future book?

There are lots of options here…. and I’m willing to mix and match to your heart’s content.

BUT MOSTLY, thank you. Even your reading this means the world to me. I have officially never asked my supporters for any help with album projects and so this is a first for me. I’m trying to be brave and to be open and to trust that this community is one of not just support for good music, but also support for the music-makers: for the artists.

Please send YOUR SUPPORT electronically via paypal to:

or by snail mail (cheque or money order) to:

Ember Swift

25 Government Dock Road #242

Norland, Ontario

K0M 2L0


Help music be SUSTAINABLE. I will definitely express my appreciation for your assistance the best way I know how: through music and caring and friendship.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and your interest in this project, this music, this artist. THANK YOU.


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