Ember Swift 23Canadian artist Ember Swift now resides in the magnetic city of Beijing, China. She has released 12 albums and 1 DVD project since 1996 and continues to have a loyal fan base across many national borders.  “Sticks & Stones” is her most recent album, released in 2017. It is a project comprised of 16 songs in three categories: Song for Adults; Songs for Kids; Songs for Adults with Kids. Close on its heels is the next project, her 13th album, which is in process and scheduled for release in early 2020.

Ember speaks Mandarin and is a student of Chinese culture, so her music also melds these two traditions. It features lyrics in Mandarin, English and French (the latter both official Canadian languages) and the arrangements feature both Western and Eastern instrumentation such as the featured erhu in her band, a two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument that is considered the ‘Chinese violin.’

Specifically known for her unique, jazz-influenced guitar playing and elastic vocals, additional styles include folk, jazz, swing, R&B, funk, pop, folk-rock, and blues.



The band, assembled in Beijing, includes America’s Anthony Vancore on the drums and Ryan Bradetich on bass, Ghana’s Ray Original on keys, Canada’s Gabriel Beaudoin on electric guitar, and China’s Wang Ya Qi on the erhu. They are six people who come from four different parts of the world but who have chosen Beijing as their current homes proving, once again, that Beijing is truly a global magnet.


加拿大艺术家子玉(Ember Swift)现居中国北京。自1996年起,她已经发行了12张专辑,并在很多国家拥有忠实的粉丝。她的上一张专辑是她的第12张专辑: “Sticks & Stones” (2017). 目前子玉正在录制新的作品并计划于2020年发行。


风格包括爵士,吉普赛,摇滚,放克,流行,民谣,和蓝调。乐队组建于北京,成员有美国的鼓手Anthony Vanacore, 美国的贝司手Ryan Bradetich,加纳的键盘手Ray Original,加拿大的电吉他手Gabriel Beaudoin 以及中国的二胡手王雅琪。


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