On the Job

  Look at us go! So, today is Little Spark’s 19th week “not-yet-been-birthed” day. it’s the beginning of the 20th week, or the final leg before I reach the half-way mark in the average human gestation period of 40 weeks. I’ve been back in Beijing for less than a week and jetlag has its claws firmly on my body and…   …read more.

Human Incubator?

A couple of pieces of good news right off the top related to previous blog entries: My feet were only swollen for two days after the flight. Now they’re my feet again. Hurrah! I’ve pretty much stopped coughing. At least I’m not waking myself up at night coughing, anyway. The humidity in Beijing doesn’t help, but I’ve decided to consider…   …read more.

Kitty Update

  Thank so much to everyone who reached out to me after reading the previous blog about emotions and Husky (my cat) and the doubting we all do as Mothers-to-be about our future ability to be good mothers. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for your kindness and love and support from afar. Thank you. I know this is not a cat…   …read more.


So, the week has gone by fairly quickly. The last time I wrote, I was pretty wrapped up in my Husky (cat) drama. He’s fared well on the treatment at the International Veterinary Hospital here in Beijing and I honestly will never take my pets anywhere else in this city. They’re fantastic. They can’t guarantee us full recovery for him,…   …read more.

The 3rd Prenatal Check-Up

  We went to the hospital again this week. This was supposed to be our 4th check-up, but since I was away for most of July, it’s just the 3rd. I think that’s fine, though. Chinese hospitals are far too stressed out about pregnancies and that has everything to do with the single child policy. “Just one child” has to…   …read more.

Aches and Pains

In just a few short hours, I board a flight back to North America where I’ll be until October 18th. I have a long tour that stretches from Ontario/Quebec into the US Midwest, down as far south as Virginia and back up through the New England states. This is the release of the first baby this year (my new album)…   …read more.

Cartoon Boobs

So, let’s talk about breasts. I really had no idea. I know I’ve mentioned before that my breasts are enormous and that I’ve wondered what random woman has inadvertently swapped breasts with me. I’ve asked people openly, “Whose breasts are these? I mean, they’re not mine!” and this has made everyone laugh and openly acknowledge the mountainous masses on my…   …read more.

Baby Blue Roads

I have been on the road for a week. The miles already stretch out behind me from Sudbury, Ontario where we started to where I sit today, poised to drive to Cincinnati from Southern Indiana. Lately, I have been touring with a GPS. It’s such a helpful tool, but I admit that I miss the tactile nature of maps and…   …read more.

Dancing Somersaults

It’s been over a week of performing shows on this tour and Little Spark is dancing up a storm. I realize that I reported on feeling the baby move ages ago when I was in that Beijing music venue in mid July and felt the need to leave, that twinge in my gut, that instinctive need to free Little Spark…   …read more.

Is it a BOY or a GIRL?

Here I am, visibly pregnant and waddling around North America like a duck, and there’s not a day that goes by when someone doesn’t ask me whether there’s a girl baby or a boy baby in here. I would prefer the question to be, “How are you?” or, “Do you need to sit down?” but, 9 times out of 10,…   …read more.

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